Youngho Kang

99 Variations

’99 Variations’ - Self-portrait. 
It is the metamorphic alchemy of the camera and the mirror. 
Inside me, there are gods, men and women, and androgynous mutants. They co-exist with my present self, and ‘we’ are all interrelated. 
I brought a key, the camera, opened the door to the secret passage, the mirror, woke up my mythical archetypes, and lured them out into the world.

To be connected to another ‘me’ reflected in the mirror, with an endlessly switching spot, is a kind of communication that blurs the distinction between the image and the reality. Which, I discovered at the end of my work. Music was turned on, and I took pictures of my selves while I danced and acted.




Piha Kaetta Dagger

  • Dated: 18th century
  • Place of Origin: Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
  • Measurements: overall length: 15 inches (380mm). Blade length: 13 inches (330mm)

This is a very elaborate and beautiful example with ivory grips that are intricately carved and fitted in silver. The grip strap is copper and equally as intricate. The upper part of blade appears to be gilt brass, with a central rosette surrounded by floral patterns. The dagger has a short, heavy, and stubby blade. The original wooden scabbard has a large copper throat piece wonderfully patinated, bordered by a silver band.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Akaal Arms